As A Metal Head, My View On Deathcore


In the Metal world we’ve seen the rise from the early 2007 prime up until now with Deathcore.
It’s grown and grown, it’s the clashing of Death Metal and Metalcore together.
It doesn’t really fit into the Metalcore sound in some ways as it overcomes Metalcore and sounds more like Death Metal with a party side with the thing we call Breakdowns.

I personally don’t understand the hate…
I think being a Modern Metal head who enjoys more Death Metal than anything else we should just take it back a step and rethink.
It’s not pure Death Metal is it? It almost feels like the more party side of Death Metal.
There’s albums with personal ties, partying and stuff that isn’t generally a theme in the Death Metal world.

I think for this manner we need to view it differently than what others may think.


Not sure why, but you ever get that one person who just tends to wander over you?
Maybe it’s just a phase, or people who lose track of their lives, or maybe it’s just me with Cadillac dreams.

I sit and watch people all the time.
Like staring into water and viewing your reflection while it fades out with the dirt the water collects.
You grow so close, such friendship, and then this upscaled enlightenment of what friendship is, either they stab you by fucking you off, or they just leave.
You try and talk while they view you from afar watching everything you do, then they find your lowest points just to judge you on them.

Fading Shadows – My People Experience

If there’s something I’ve wanted to always lift from me and get off my chest it’s going to be this.

I’ll start off with saying “everyone” as I’ll use this as the key to my posting.
I tend to have this shitty magnetic field of pressure, why? People, simply put, people.

I live quite the frail life, I go through emotions, enjoy a game, meet a human, boom. It all begins. I understand this much, every human needs someone they can leech off of, whether emotion or not.
I guess maybe I’m a magnet for depression, it seems that everyone, literally fucking everyone.
I always end up meeting someone who tries to pull love, emotion, or anything they can out of me and it’s sickening. In the end they leave, you panic, cry, worry, vent, you just can’t ever wrap your head around what’s going on because they don’t contact you.
This starts my page of emotion, why? Why must everyone for me be someone who’s full of this dramatic sickness that gets off on just making you wonder if you fucked up or if they even meant anything they said.

“You’re face is too cute!” – Person says
“Heh, I appreciate that! You’ve got a pretty dope sense of humor, your taste of music, touch of personality, and that little dash of a smile you put on literally brightens my day.” – You the receiver
It seems neat right? The complete idea that maybe someone, just maybe someone is actually here to talk, if even for an hour maybe two. You know it just as I do, you’re gonna get caught up in this tide pool, as humans we feed off either attention or the idea that someone actually likes your company.
Ugh, I find it sickening at this point, you put yourself through it all, join the coaster, tomorrow nothing happens… In the end you suffer with the sad soul disease… If not one, let’s be real! It sure feels like it…

I hope you the reader enjoy this. I don’t, the thought tears me alive to think that the next person who walks up to me is going to turn into a monster and fuck my emotions.

Distorted For Feeling

If I’m honest, it’s been this past week I’ve really suffered more.
Just everyone leaving, people not showing a sniffing scents worth of care to your drained posts, or people just screwing you off in order to fulfill their own needs.
I guess it makes me feel ratty.

I’ve been slowly but emotionally drained lately, so much to the point I’ve wanted to just start a small blog I can insert into that cliche “website” entry people always list on social media, Xbox, PlayStation, or just anything that has an area that’s for you to provide your silly little bits of info into.
I guess that’s been my main motif. If not, I’d be pardoned by others who ask without the receiving end of an answer.

In some way I wanted to finally fill in the blank that’s never been filled in with me!
What do I mean? Simple!
I am depressed often, never leading to a straight answer though. People could ask why and… I’d just give them this blank stare in hopes they’d try and understand the face I give them.
This is where a blog comes into play.
Thanks for reading this, and well… I wish I could totally lead you onto a song or something for safekeeping and memoir but not today, peace!