My Vita Experience so far… 7/18/2017


Dynasty Warriors NEXT

I wanna give my opinions on this game.
So far I’ve played through half of the game so far.
Unfortunately, I have to say it’s good, but a very poor Dynasty Warriors 7 port with glorified features than make the game feel very tedious, lackluster, & wanting things removed. *cough* Duels.

Koei, why?
The Duels system is cool, I’ll hand it to you.
Though it’s VERY flawed.
If you were given a fair chance and not cheated out by enemy officers it’d have been 100x better.

Choosing your Dynasty/Clan.
This was one of the first things to just pour acid into my blood and make me boil until I was beyond pissed.
I was reminded of the ever so terrible Dynasty Warriors 6.
No real choice… No, just thrown into a game.

These are my small issues, let’s talk about the good now, shall we?
Being a huge Dynasty Warriors geek. After I was fed up with the campaign/story I of course wanted to go into Conquest Mode and was pleasantly surprised.
It plays out almost like a Warring Regions Monopoly.
This was cool to me, I love grinding gameplay.

Warriors, wow!
There was a very solid selection of warriors in this game that almost felt completely customized if you didn’t have the time to go into Edit Mode and drop out a few characters to play with.

Edit Mode.
Such a solid Edit Mode for a portable game, it felt nearly like Samurai Warriors 4’s Edit Mode.
Though there aren’t a lot of choices in the way of facial customization there’s enough to assure you that no character will really ever look the same.

My sum of the game.
I’m shocked.
It’s a solid game if you look past the Duels feature which is total garbage and should be completely rethought out.
I’ve enjoyed every bit of my time with the game, despite pushing my limits to the point of wanting to throw the Vita.
This being my first game for the Vita, I can almost happily say that if it were stolen I’d go pick it up again for the sake of nostalgia as it’s a main series game that kicked Koei’s start off on the system.
I can’t say I’d recommend to others though, I think it’d have to be a personal choice for everyone. If they found it appealing, have at it. Unfortunately I don’t feel it’s the best way for a newbie to kick off a strong love for the game.
For others I feel it’d be a pick up and play if it were sitting around the house since that seems to be a common purpose in the way handhelds are played these days, besides the local dinner with parents, & family out at a restaurant.

I feel if you truly liked it, yeah it’s got some serious replay value.
I can for sure see myself forgetting about the game for a bit after I grab Samurai Warriors 4 for the Vita. Something tells me that I’ll for sure wanna go back and play that unique, & solid Conquest Mode game mode again as it stood out REALLY well.


The Unseen Social Media

I use the quote above me because it seems a lot of people are extremely unaware of the negative sides of social media and refuse to notice the bad sides.
I run a Tumblr page dedicated to a game I’ve been on for nearly fourteen years, The Sims.

The sickening part about it is that creeps will follow The Sims blogs sometimes to try and hit on the younger crowd of people who play since The Sims Community is super age diverted.

I don’t really get how a world goes so blind to people who creep, do sickening things, and try and message others.
Somehow this world never fails to surprise me with how stupid, idiotic, & blind people are to the ones who are actually paying attention.

I just wanted to rant a small bit since this is a thing I’ve seen going on around my community and it’s rather annoying, gross, & honestly shocks me.

Chatroule Nazi-ism


Tonight we’re discussing the shithole known as fucking Chatroulette.
Literally the place where moderators are fucking Nazi’s.

So this is another talk about banning, bans, and shit like that pointed directly at the moderators, and pseudo-moderators in white hats with their fucking dicks out that get to overrule the website they use.
Why? Why would you shit talk Chatroulette of all sites?
Wellllll, Chatroulette, essentially Omegle’s biggest competitors! Honestly better than Omegle(They could be).

I am chasing after Chatroulette for what they’ve done.
Chatroulette is Omegle’s better competitor from up to down, but they suffer an issue.
The issue sits around them letting their users choose to ban other users for no reason without even reviewing a case. You’re given the privilege to choose to [Skip], & [Report & Skip] which causes false FIVE MINUTE BANS!

Why do I have an issue with this? When you let a chat site do this you let the users take over and become Nazi’s of the websites.
People get banned for no reason, this causes people to not want to use the website and in turn becomes almost worse than the MeetMe Silence option someone gets for sending a message somebody doesn’t like.
When the site itself can’t address the issues and see where they went wrong by adding the five minute bans or not coming up with alternatives to solve the issue it causes a riot that goes unseen by the people who run the sites.

I’ll propose my fix!
Start off by letting that person not connect directly to the IP that reported them to begin with, it’s a simple fix.
Next, don’t ban people for five minutes! People stay active when they’re on the internet, in that five minute period it gives people a chance to look up better websites.

Chatroulette needs to work similar to Omegle with the things it already has going for it, why?
Omegle’s dying very very very fast, at the rate it’s dying Chatroulette has a chance to fix themselves and save the website from going without seeing a lot of traffic.
If they can rid the issues people have with the site they run a bigger chance at being able to survive longer.

Who knows, hopefully someone will see this since the website moderators are a lot more active and around than fucking Omegle’s.
That being said, please… Fix this… I’m tired of seeing issues.

The death of a once good site, Omegle…


So it’s easy to say we’ve had good, we’ve had bad, & simply we’ve had letdowns.
Unfortunately I think we’re watching one of the best sites for meeting someone since Stickam meet its death.

From the long nights you’ve had sitting up, to the hours of fun you’ve had.

These days Omegle seems to be overran by “The Omegle Game” spoofers, dirty dick beaters, and guys who just spoil themselves rotten.
The Omegle Game, guys it doesn’t work, girls aren’t falling for it, guys think it’s stupid you try, and even if you do get someone to stop you’re not going to get your horn off.

I think it’s honestly sad, these days we use sites like this to have some girl attention or yell at someone when you’re upset, why? God only knows…

I wanna make a few suggestions to the site in general, be if this goes negative or positive it’s only my views of the site.
Omegle Staff, if you plain on actually keeping the website up, keep the ads up! I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’d meet a friendly Omegle Ad that inspired me to revisit the site.

Next thing, come on…
It doesn’t help, ban skin… The only way it should be appropriate is if a person agrees to something, not for some flesh tooting dude to get on and spike his horn to happiness, we catching on?

Vulgarity, do we really need to say?
Too many people on Omegle constantly shouting for people to kill themselves, shouting the “N-Word” loud and proud, fix please…?

Omegle, I love you and I never thought I’d see a 2020 without you, you’ve brought me good, bad, creepy, funny, and just the whole market.
If it has to be this soon and the site gets shut down, fuck… I get it. Essentially either the same case as Stickam, or you’ve got the problem of not enough traffic which, yeah… “Traffic”, see where those ads are helpful?

I remember a time to where you could go onto Omegle at any time and see +380,000 People Online.
Now we’re almost at a silly 16,000 people mainly being whack it fans who can’t agree to settling for PornHub…

I love you, it’s sad to watch you fall… Unfortunately good night Omegle.

I Need To Listen Again


I feel weird…
I’ve bought a few pairs of headphones lately and maybe given them two hours of use max during the span of Christmas to now.
I don’t know what it is.

I’ve been listening to a bunch of shit on Spotify(hence I actually hate Spotify).
That’s really about it, I’ve intended to fill up a few 256GB MicroSD Cards for the phone, something I can just toss a card into and slam a pair of cheap earbuds into. Ya know, for that on the go use, lazy bed use, just all that shit.

I’ve just not been able to grasp a hold of time to do so though, it’s weird.
As far as the Top 5 I’ve listened to and enjoyed lately, fuck.
1 – Student Rick – Soundtrack For A Generation
2 – American Football – LP2
3 – Minus The Bear – Planet Of Ice
4 – Purity Ring – Another Eternity
5 – CHVRCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe
Kept a bit of Emo with some Girly Dream Pop shit for the sake of glittery thoughts. I don’t know, I need to rebuild things, work on this life piece by piece and make something happen.

Anxiety[Leave Your Thoughts]


I’m using this picture this time, it’s more so reference to describe my mind.
I’d like some feedback on this because I’m fighting trying to kick a bad habit I face with anxiety.

Just so anyone knows, I suffer from a slight case of autism for one, no sociability really gets to me, and I have very bad social anxiety.

Do any of you who read this ever feel like your social anxiety leads to bad habits?
You know, you just get into reading something that’s negative, you don’t leave the bed, or your mind paces in directions of things you don’t enjoy?
Lately I’ve been fighting this social anxiety of having separation issues. Maybe due to being single? Couldn’t tell ya.

All I know is that if someone’s talking to me I’m completely fine but the second I go without much being said to me I tend to get caught up in reading depression blogs, thinking about not being single, and craving someone to hold onto.
It may be normal, although I feel my drastic mind being kept in the house too often lately has lead me to a lazy lifestyle and just provides too much time to think… It’s weird, it’s not something I constantly like to do, ya know?
I’m 25, I’ve yet to see a vehicle in my life and I blame this solely on the fact that it’s always been hard to keep a job. No, take that back, I had one going on four months at least safe to say working with Steak & Shake but I threw it away due to having a skewed schedule.
I’m not too sure. I want all this fixed, truly! I want it.

If you suffer the same way please, let me know.

Pulling Apart Threads[Bed Entry]

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I’ve not posted for a bit, by lack of wanting to get up… This has a lot to do with hacking a 3DS, spending hours to hack Pokemon Moon for some personal challenge I wanted to do. Some sorta challenge referred to as a Nuzlocke Challenge.
Essentially the main goal falling around keeping your Pokemon alive throughout the whole game.
The Catch: You’re only able to catch one Pokemon on a route, so say you went down Route 201 and encountered a Riolu, let’s just say you better raise it fast.You’re only allowed to buy 5 Pokeballs, ridiculous right?
The version I wanted to do is what’s referred to as a Randomizer Nuzlocke.
Basically the difference that falls into place here has to do with you hacking the game and randomizing what can appear on certain routes.
With this being done to the game you get chances of catching stuff like Shaymin, Mewtwo, and the line to has as your first caught Pokemon depending on if it was the first thing to pop up on a route, you can only catch one Pokemon.

Off topic, off topic! Shame on me for ranting.
So I’ve encountered laziness again.
You ever get lazy, but not like the normal kind of laziness people relate to. Almost like negative laziness. You lay in bed, the thought of you getting up makes you tire even more, and when you lay awake you know eventually after watching several YouTube videos, doing research, or reading up on the latest games or so you’ll grow the point of crashing back into the head printed pillow from where you lay the first eight hours. Maybe this time around you’ll flip the pillow and set it for cold while you do what you’re doing.
The next period you wake up you just feel drained, negative, you think about negative topics. It’s just a very blurred picture.
Instead of reading up on Pokemon your mind focuses on the negative side of things, how much you don’t do prayers(I’m not religious that much), you ponder about death or deceit.
Just the most unruly topics.
That’s been me…
I got drained from trying to mod my 3DS, trying to decrypt a silly .cia game so it could be modified, in the end it messed the 3DS up and it needed to be formatted.
It’s safe to say that I was determined enough to let this last me three days.

I can tell you how many times I’d made a Cup-A-Joe and dwindled my way through the /r/3DSHacking Discord chat trying to solve this fucking mystery. It really tested my wits I tell ya!
You see something done an easy way by an internet pleb you think you could do, nope! Cut short by the guy you asked for help; “There’s better method that using braindump! Screw that amateur stuff use Decrypt9/Godmode9 and do it the pro way!” I’d heard a couple of times. Needless to say I felt like a bitch for not doing the simplified to begin with and not asking.

Enjoy? It’s just a ramble, merely the few days I had and my suffering now, fighting negative thoughts, trying to keep your mind on the right path. I can lay the path I want, but for some reason trying to achieve the goal of fixing my schedule isn’t simple.
That being said, I’m signing off.