The Unseen Social Media

I use the quote above me because it seems a lot of people are extremely unaware of the negative sides of social media and refuse to notice the bad sides.
I run a Tumblr page dedicated to a game I’ve been on for nearly fourteen years, The Sims.

The sickening part about it is that creeps will follow The Sims blogs sometimes to try and hit on the younger crowd of people who play since The Sims Community is super age diverted.

I don’t really get how a world goes so blind to people who creep, do sickening things, and try and message others.
Somehow this world never fails to surprise me with how stupid, idiotic, & blind people are to the ones who are actually paying attention.

I just wanted to rant a small bit since this is a thing I’ve seen going on around my community and it’s rather annoying, gross, & honestly shocks me.


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