Chatroule Nazi-ism


Tonight we’re discussing the shithole known as fucking Chatroulette.
Literally the place where moderators are fucking Nazi’s.

So this is another talk about banning, bans, and shit like that pointed directly at the moderators, and pseudo-moderators in white hats with their fucking dicks out that get to overrule the website they use.
Why? Why would you shit talk Chatroulette of all sites?
Wellllll, Chatroulette, essentially Omegle’s biggest competitors! Honestly better than Omegle(They could be).

I am chasing after Chatroulette for what they’ve done.
Chatroulette is Omegle’s better competitor from up to down, but they suffer an issue.
The issue sits around them letting their users choose to ban other users for no reason without even reviewing a case. You’re given the privilege to choose to [Skip], & [Report & Skip] which causes false FIVE MINUTE BANS!

Why do I have an issue with this? When you let a chat site do this you let the users take over and become Nazi’s of the websites.
People get banned for no reason, this causes people to not want to use the website and in turn becomes almost worse than the MeetMe Silence option someone gets for sending a message somebody doesn’t like.
When the site itself can’t address the issues and see where they went wrong by adding the five minute bans or not coming up with alternatives to solve the issue it causes a riot that goes unseen by the people who run the sites.

I’ll propose my fix!
Start off by letting that person not connect directly to the IP that reported them to begin with, it’s a simple fix.
Next, don’t ban people for five minutes! People stay active when they’re on the internet, in that five minute period it gives people a chance to look up better websites.

Chatroulette needs to work similar to Omegle with the things it already has going for it, why?
Omegle’s dying very very very fast, at the rate it’s dying Chatroulette has a chance to fix themselves and save the website from going without seeing a lot of traffic.
If they can rid the issues people have with the site they run a bigger chance at being able to survive longer.

Who knows, hopefully someone will see this since the website moderators are a lot more active and around than fucking Omegle’s.
That being said, please… Fix this… I’m tired of seeing issues.


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