The death of a once good site, Omegle…


So it’s easy to say we’ve had good, we’ve had bad, & simply we’ve had letdowns.
Unfortunately I think we’re watching one of the best sites for meeting someone since Stickam meet its death.

From the long nights you’ve had sitting up, to the hours of fun you’ve had.

These days Omegle seems to be overran by “The Omegle Game” spoofers, dirty dick beaters, and guys who just spoil themselves rotten.
The Omegle Game, guys it doesn’t work, girls aren’t falling for it, guys think it’s stupid you try, and even if you do get someone to stop you’re not going to get your horn off.

I think it’s honestly sad, these days we use sites like this to have some girl attention or yell at someone when you’re upset, why? God only knows…

I wanna make a few suggestions to the site in general, be if this goes negative or positive it’s only my views of the site.
Omegle Staff, if you plain on actually keeping the website up, keep the ads up! I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’d meet a friendly Omegle Ad that inspired me to revisit the site.

Next thing, come on…
It doesn’t help, ban skin… The only way it should be appropriate is if a person agrees to something, not for some flesh tooting dude to get on and spike his horn to happiness, we catching on?

Vulgarity, do we really need to say?
Too many people on Omegle constantly shouting for people to kill themselves, shouting the “N-Word” loud and proud, fix please…?

Omegle, I love you and I never thought I’d see a 2020 without you, you’ve brought me good, bad, creepy, funny, and just the whole market.
If it has to be this soon and the site gets shut down, fuck… I get it. Essentially either the same case as Stickam, or you’ve got the problem of not enough traffic which, yeah… “Traffic”, see where those ads are helpful?

I remember a time to where you could go onto Omegle at any time and see +380,000 People Online.
Now we’re almost at a silly 16,000 people mainly being whack it fans who can’t agree to settling for PornHub…

I love you, it’s sad to watch you fall… Unfortunately good night Omegle.


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