Pulling Apart Threads[Bed Entry]

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I’ve not posted for a bit, by lack of wanting to get up… This has a lot to do with hacking a 3DS, spending hours to hack Pokemon Moon for some personal challenge I wanted to do. Some sorta challenge referred to as a Nuzlocke Challenge.
Essentially the main goal falling around keeping your Pokemon alive throughout the whole game.
The Catch: You’re only able to catch one Pokemon on a route, so say you went down Route 201 and encountered a Riolu, let’s just say you better raise it fast.You’re only allowed to buy 5 Pokeballs, ridiculous right?
The version I wanted to do is what’s referred to as a Randomizer Nuzlocke.
Basically the difference that falls into place here has to do with you hacking the game and randomizing what can appear on certain routes.
With this being done to the game you get chances of catching stuff like Shaymin, Mewtwo, and the line to has as your first caught Pokemon depending on if it was the first thing to pop up on a route, you can only catch one Pokemon.

Off topic, off topic! Shame on me for ranting.
So I’ve encountered laziness again.
You ever get lazy, but not like the normal kind of laziness people relate to. Almost like negative laziness. You lay in bed, the thought of you getting up makes you tire even more, and when you lay awake you know eventually after watching several YouTube videos, doing research, or reading up on the latest games or so you’ll grow the point of crashing back into the head printed pillow from where you lay the first eight hours. Maybe this time around you’ll flip the pillow and set it for cold while you do what you’re doing.
The next period you wake up you just feel drained, negative, you think about negative topics. It’s just a very blurred picture.
Instead of reading up on Pokemon your mind focuses on the negative side of things, how much you don’t do prayers(I’m not religious that much), you ponder about death or deceit.
Just the most unruly topics.
That’s been me…
I got drained from trying to mod my 3DS, trying to decrypt a silly .cia game so it could be modified, in the end it messed the 3DS up and it needed to be formatted.
It’s safe to say that I was determined enough to let this last me three days.

I can tell you how many times I’d made a Cup-A-Joe and dwindled my way through the /r/3DSHacking Discord chat trying to solve this fucking mystery. It really tested my wits I tell ya!
You see something done an easy way by an internet pleb you think you could do, nope! Cut short by the guy you asked for help; “There’s better method that using braindump! Screw that amateur stuff use Decrypt9/Godmode9 and do it the pro way!” I’d heard a couple of times. Needless to say I felt like a bitch for not doing the simplified to begin with and not asking.

Enjoy? It’s just a ramble, merely the few days I had and my suffering now, fighting negative thoughts, trying to keep your mind on the right path. I can lay the path I want, but for some reason trying to achieve the goal of fixing my schedule isn’t simple.
That being said, I’m signing off.


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