Anxiety[Leave Your Thoughts]


I’m using this picture this time, it’s more so reference to describe my mind.
I’d like some feedback on this because I’m fighting trying to kick a bad habit I face with anxiety.

Just so anyone knows, I suffer from a slight case of autism for one, no sociability really gets to me, and I have very bad social anxiety.

Do any of you who read this ever feel like your social anxiety leads to bad habits?
You know, you just get into reading something that’s negative, you don’t leave the bed, or your mind paces in directions of things you don’t enjoy?
Lately I’ve been fighting this social anxiety of having separation issues. Maybe due to being single? Couldn’t tell ya.

All I know is that if someone’s talking to me I’m completely fine but the second I go without much being said to me I tend to get caught up in reading depression blogs, thinking about not being single, and craving someone to hold onto.
It may be normal, although I feel my drastic mind being kept in the house too often lately has lead me to a lazy lifestyle and just provides too much time to think… It’s weird, it’s not something I constantly like to do, ya know?
I’m 25, I’ve yet to see a vehicle in my life and I blame this solely on the fact that it’s always been hard to keep a job. No, take that back, I had one going on four months at least safe to say working with Steak & Shake but I threw it away due to having a skewed schedule.
I’m not too sure. I want all this fixed, truly! I want it.

If you suffer the same way please, let me know.


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