As A Metal Head, My View On Deathcore


In the Metal world we’ve seen the rise from the early 2007 prime up until now with Deathcore.
It’s grown and grown, it’s the clashing of Death Metal and Metalcore together.
It doesn’t really fit into the Metalcore sound in some ways as it overcomes Metalcore and sounds more like Death Metal with a party side with the thing we call Breakdowns.

I personally don’t understand the hate…
I think being a Modern Metal head who enjoys more Death Metal than anything else we should just take it back a step and rethink.
It’s not pure Death Metal is it? It almost feels like the more party side of Death Metal.
There’s albums with personal ties, partying and stuff that isn’t generally a theme in the Death Metal world.

I think for this manner we need to view it differently than what others may think.


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