Protest: Social Media


This picture pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling the past few days, trying to get someones attention but ain’t nobody listenin’!

I’m posting this to ask people to report YouNow, & all other Live Social apps like Chatous, Live Broadcaster, & others that allow an open community of mixed ages to join.
Why am I asking for this? I’m sick of it, I’m sick of watching girls, & others get abused by arabs, creeps, weirdos, & guys just trying to drop their fly to something that is supposed to be used for sociability.
I’ve reported several hundreds of people but I feel like I have to try and get more people to see this in order to actually make a movement to clear the internet of this.

If Social Media is going to go from dating profiles, & Facebook’s to Live Broadcasting, there needs to be people to actually stand up and prevent the abuse of it.
The same thing that happened to Tumblr, I got followed by creeps who harassed people in The Sims 4 Custom Content Community, eventually we had to gang up and get everyone to check messaged and report profiles that were hitting on them or trying to get their attention.
I don’t wanna see this!
I wanna see progression, because if we’re going to be social, do it the right way or go elsewhere because you aren’t needed.

Thanks for reading this, hopefully people will see my message and respond accordingly to make progress.


What happened, Social Media…

tumblr_oymfggED3g1u839mao1_1280It seems like the reaping has come again.
Back when MySpace died out and social media froze in time, people moved onto Facebook nearly three years later.

Why am I posting this?
I’m sad… Truly, we have creeps, weirdos, & even more who are cleansing social media by the way people act these days.

I’ll give you a few examples, MeetMe has become an archive full of desperate men trying to stick their man pride into anything that moves and approach people without considering a single thing they’re saying., at once a competitor to YouNow, a cool site.
This is what I seen the future of social media becoming, instead of a dating profile or something like that, a way to broadcast and share yourself.
What happened to Men, Arabs, and creeps who want things from women.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in my friends broadcasts watching them and chatting, all of a sudden a random string of randomly organized letters pops up and starts demanding them to do things.
This shouldn’t happen, seems to have become so used to it that reporting people doesn’t even help, the same thing that happened to YouNow.

My issue here is just that when… When are we going to clean social media. Or is the future watching social media dying, that or just no social media at all which I’d love.
I’m not too sure, I’ve stopped using nearly everything, hopefully eventually things will become like they once were, that or maybe we’ll go back to the same old building blocks again of social media just not existing.

I don’t see social media being dead as a bad thing but us as humans need to learn that it’s our fault these things happened and stop crying about them.

FetLife & Their Stupid Move

What the heck…
FetLife is now pay to watch? Public stuff.
That’s when you begin to notice that the internet is getting sad.

I can’t believe we’ve gotten to this point.
FetLife is mainly creep free, which is good.
But the way FetLife has their membership thing setup now is stupid, not only to mention I’ve heard FetLife pulling more money than their allowed out of the site. Where’s the fairness here?
You run a site, yet you’ve been accused of stealing money, not only to mention that Susan Wright won’t even acknowledge what she’s done.

Here’s my thing, make the internet free. FetLife is no different and can’t be argued or claimed to be more different than PornHub, & XHamster.
Fix your shit, Susan.

The Poison Of Game Collectors


I wanted to bitch for a minute about the stupid fucking cock riding ass hats in the Game Collecting world.
We have these people who expect too much from people.

Ever think that Sonic game you got tired of would get bought when your mom sold all your old stuff for some spare house change?
Guess what!?
There’s a fuckwad ass dick trying to score $50 on Amazon for it because even though something doesn’t retain its value, THEY EXPECT IT!

Literally, the prices in the game collecting scene are made up.
I’m sorry to tell you! But they’re all fake prices.

Why do I use the PSP as a reference picture? I’m a Sony enthusiast and know value, I research, & I’m also a geek on the controller boards for the system alone.
I can say right now though, that Jak & Daxter game you fuckers wants $40 used for, guess what? It’s value is still retained at $11! Holy shit! Did you not know this? Shocker!

There’s really moronic people that don’t notice their games are gonna sit on websites for ages, and they usually do!
Yet these dick sucks are so stuck up that they’ll tell you their games sell 24/7 just to convince you to pay that price.

How about false advertising on eBay?
Not long ago I was looking for a fighting pad just for some PlayStaton 3 Beat em’ ups style action, you know? Makes fighters more fun.
I ran into a dildo that knew they PlayStation 3 was the main console and that Xbox has had shitty sales, so what does this waste of space do?
He puts up a gamepad for $50 and asks for $40 Shipping.
The important thing, he had an Xbox pad tagged as a PlayStation 3 pad and refused to believe it.

I just wanted to vent, because it’s this stupidity that’s going to forever ruin the value of retro game playing, & collecting.
Go ahead, keep it up dick blows.
Wait until that fighting pad is worth on $10 and you’re not making shit.
That being said, fix this fucking community.

The PSP(PlayStation Portable) Look Back


It seems like the PlayStation 4 getting to become a more popular system was a good thing.
It’s encouraged more people to dig into the grit, grime, & depth of Sony.

The PSP.
Almost thirteen years ago sounds about right, for the machine that was set out to bring PlayStation 1 games to life in the hands.

It’s about time that this device was dug into.
I love going onto Tumblr and seeing posts of people who recently picked it up digging through it’s library.
I have seen a bunch of talk about Final Fantasy coming back to light, the beloved series that brings J-RPG’s to peoples faces.
It really makes me question why the Atelier games never came to the United States. It’d have been a core game and maybe brought more light onto the PSP.

I wanted to discuss this due to the hype of the system becoming more popular, something not spoken of more often, which was strange to me. The shadow of a nearly extinct handheld in some people eyes.

Piling Thought Of Other Life


Consider this.
Ever taken the thought of our life on Earth and brought it to another planet?
This may be me.

It seems to be justified if you actually observe what’s seen on Mars from 3D Space Views that Mars was replicated to be similar to Earth.
There’s a lot of stuff, from the foundation, platforms, elevation, & more.
Things recreated or created like things on Earth.

Think about this, it’s almost like there’s a huge magnifying glass etching everything we create onto the Mars planet.
Bizarre thought, though it seems unreal how things add up.

Just a though I thought to bring to light, do you think this is the case? Seems to be so.

Stress Or Repress

Why is the human mind so weird?
I feel like I stress to myself to fight off the negativity of society, to fight, to quit from going into this negative culture our human minds seem to lay waste to.

Am I fighting for a cause that can’t be fixed?
Like the people who’ve become so comfortable with themselves that trying to do something to stop themselves has no resolve to them, though.
It feels to be so.

You wanna make things better.
Clean up people.
Maybe clean society and stop negative people around you.

It feels like we’ve been tainted these days.
You fight to keep the disgusting, mean, gruesome, & foul people away from fucking with society and people promote their behavior after.

I just wanna know if some day we’ll fix ourselves.
Learn to promote a positive activity and behavior.

Thanks for reading this. If you can do anything for me, do this.
Stop everything wrong on social media, avoid negative people, and construct your friendships higher.